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Sumaiya Khatun
05. 4. 2022
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Fujitsu Retail Solution Market Place - the new solution is called - Email List combines ordering and in-store shopping into a single transaction. In this way, customers will be able to count on a uniformity of prices, promotions and customer relationship experiences Email List both online and at the point of sale or using a mobile device. Furthermore, transactions will also be simplified Email List for sales employees, in fact it will be possible to use a single application rather. Than having to continually switch from the Email List order fulfillment system to the online one, with benefits in terms of speed, simplicity and accuracy. Finally, on the retailer side, it will be possible to have greater profitability thanks to the decrease in Email List the abandonment of shopping carts, and the shopping experience will also be simplified and improved. The goal is to return to the personal relationship of the past , the one that customers seek and Email List appreciate. Whether it's browsing online, asking questions to a Email List call center, confirming sizes and colors via smartphone or checking items and orders within the store on a tablet, the platform guarantees continuity across all channels, helping staff to quickly access Email List homogeneous data in real time. "Application development & delivery (AD&D) professionals in the retail world have to deal with existing applications to manage in-store operations, e-commerce, supply chain Email List and loyalty programs ,"

Sumaiya Khatun

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